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Thursday, December 10, 2009
Yes, I know it's December and YES I know I live in Nebraska. But, when we get the "one-two punch" we have every right to WHINE!!
First came the 12 inches of snow (yes, that's ONE FOOT OF SNOW!!). Then came the "Polar Express" as our local weather guy lovingly calls our present temperature trend. Today we made it all the way up to 12 degrees!! WHOO-HOOOO!!

If I was still teaching, I would be thrilled because the schools have been out for the last three days! (I'd also be freaking out because we didn't have school for three days which would have meant that my lesson plans were all screwed up, testing that needed to get done before Christmas break would be now behind schedule and the kids at home would have probably spent the last three days finishing off the Halloween candy that their Mom's had stashed away!)

I did venture out today though, for a very special experience that also ended up having a nice surprise stuck inside!

I'm guessing the majority of you have read, "The Last Lecture."

Randy Pausch was a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His lecture became known world wide. With the help of writer, Jeffrey Zaslow, he was able to put his lecture into book form and published before he passed away. The book immediately became a best seller.

Several months ago, Nick and Kara (my DAUGHTER-IN-LAW!!!!!:) )gave me the book, "The Girls from Ames..A Story of Women and a Forty-Year Friendship" written by Jeffrey Zaslow.

It is such a fabulous book!

Well, today Jeffrey Zaslow and 8 of the "Girls from Ames" came to Omaha to talk about the book! They came as part of a fundraiser for the Omaha Hearing School.

The event was fabulous. But, here's the surprise that I found "stuck inside." When I went to the little "check-in" table a woman says, "Mrs. Markin!" I looked at her and it was the Mom of a little girl I taught in first grade about 20 years ago! Her daughter was hearing impaired and was being mainstreamed into a regular first grade classroom. Well, that little doll was so brilliant she just blossomed in first grade! I asked her how Megan was, what she was doing, etc., etc, etc. Polly (her Mom) said, "Megan is here!! She's speaking at the luncheon! You must go in and tell her hello!" What a treat! I went in and found this beautiful young woman who told me all about her great job and how she just bought her own home! It was such a joy to get to see her!

By the way, Jeffrey Zaslow just finished writing another book along with Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger called, "Highest Duty...My Search for What Really Matters"

Mr. Zaslow spoke a bit about the book today and it also sounds like a fabulous read.
OK, this post is really kind of fragmented, hit and miss, not very smooth. But, I'd really like to post it tonight and I really need to clean up the kitchen. So, I'm going to just have to call it "good enough."

Thanks for checking in.
Thanks for reading.


3 comments to Baby, it is STINKING COLD OUTSIDE!!!!!:

Anonymous said...

Wow..sounds like a great day..:)) So cool you were a part of that young lady's success...

That sure is frigid in Omaha..wow I am cold at 50 degrees...LOlStay warm my PHriend..great to see ya posting when ya can..Hugs..Tell Rod hello:))

Di said...

What a thrill to see a former student who has done so well. You have touched so many lives Annette in your many years of teaching. What a difference you have made.
hugs, di
P.S. Your Open House was fabulous!!

Donna said...

I'm so sorry I missed the author luncheon. I'm anxious to read the book. How exciting to see your former student! That was the real reason you were there.
Take care and stay warm!