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Movie Review, Book Review and Whine Alert!

Thursday, April 2, 2009
#1. Movie Review:
"Last Chance Harvey"

This was such an uplifting, funny and happy ending movie! At first blush, I think someone might think it's a "Chick Flick" which is actually why I went to it! But my friend Cindy C. convinced her husband to go to it and he enjoyed it. The big draw for me was Dustin Hoffman:

and Emma Thompson:

I would seriously recommend this movie. Any time a movie can having me shed a small tear and laugh out loud it is a real winner!

#2. Book Review #1.
"The Middle Place" by Kelly Corrigan

This is a true story of a young woman, married with children who discovers she has cancer AND that her father also has cancer. The author demonstrates her true grit as she manages the cards she's been dealt. It sounds like a depressing storyline, but Kelly Corrigan

is able to tell her story in an entertaining and hopeful way.

#. Book Review #2.
"Plum Spooky" by Janet Evanovich

I'm a big fan of Janet Evanovich's "numbers stories." I have already read her #14 book named, "Fearless Fourteen."

While her fans are waiting for #15, which will be called, "Finger Lickin' Fifteen"

she writes these smaller, stand-alone books that she calls "Between the Numbers" books. "Plum Spooky" is typical Evanovich. Diesel (a big, blond, hunky bail-bondsman)is looking for his cousin "Wulf" who is a bit dangerous. Stephanie Plum (also a bail-bondswoman)is looking for a science geek who is doing work with Wulf. The story is funny, entertaining and is an easy read.

#4. Whine Alert.
It has been 9 days since I had the new central line put in and the old one taken out. Yesterday was the first day I went out to do errands and such since the surgery. (See movie review #1)I'm very frustrated with how slow I've been in bouncing back from this surgery. I expected it to be fairly easy since I was having my line switched due to a break in the tip of the line and not an infection. I was really, really wrong. Part of the slow "bounce back" I just realized is the Addison's Disease. I underestimated the need for steroids with the pain and just the general healing process.

yes, CRAP!! This happens to be a ball of horse crap that the dogs brought home for a gift. Is there any question as to why Haver looks like this?

Thanks for reading.

3 comments to Movie Review, Book Review and Whine Alert!:

Anonymous said...

Well That sure was a big...CRAP...LMAO..

Glad you got out to see a movie..that movie looks good..I also thought of it as a "Chic Flic"..
I can see you have been a busy little reader..LOl
Hang in there..you will "bounce" back my Phriend:))

Wendy's Mom said...

Thank you for the Movie and Book reviews. I do not ever get to go to a Movie because John is to cheap but one day I might can rent it. LOL!!
I have been looking for a good book to read for a while. I think I am going to try to find the first book you wrote about. It looks like one I would like. I have to have one that is going to keep my attention, especially now days. LOL!!

Haver looks innocent as can be. LOL!! Where is Asa did he look just as innocent too? No kissing from them for a while. LOL!!


Di said...

We missed you yesterday at book club but it sounded like a little more rest was best! Hope everyday you feel a little stronger. We are all pulling for you! hugs, di