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Beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
My knee is getting better...but...(I know, there's always a but...or a butt....) I've developed a rash all over my leg from the little support "sleeve" that I've been using.
OK, I've got to say something that I KNOW someone is going to slap me for, but that possibility has no impact on me whatsoever!! When I was diagnosed with PH nearly 5 years ago, I didn't think I was going to live long enough to deal with this "OLD LADY CRAP!!" OK, I've gotten that out of my system. :)

I'm tired of whining about my stupid knee (and oh, I also have a stinking rash all over my face because I've developed an allergy to the nasal cannula's....so, I'm just one giant whining rash!) so I think I'll jump into an old favorite...

Movie Review!
Rod and I went to "State of Play" with Ben Affleck and Russell Crowe on Saturday night.

It is a fabulous movie! It's in the thrill-who-done-it genre with Russell Crowe being an investigative reporter trying to figure out who killed an up-and-coming senator's (Ben Affleck) assistant. The only downside in the entire movie is this one scene where Russell Crowe is wearing a tank-top kind of shirt...he has gotten a little pudgy (I know, pot....black...) and isn't aging really well. If you can close your eyes during that part, I would highly recommend you seeing this movie!

Another old favorite....
Book Review!
I'm a huge Patricia Cornwell fan. But, when I saw her latest book, "Scarpetta,"

I wasn't sure I was up for the challenge...the book was 500 pages!! But, it was a quick read and, in my opinion, significantly better than her last couple of books.

And, since I've been sitting on my butt a lot lately due to MY STUPID KNEE (sorry, I won't go back down that whiny road), I have another
Book Review!

I'm in two book clubs. One is with my PEO group and the other one is a group of women who all have one thing in common...they are either sick or have been sick with a tough illness. My friend Cindy C. has PH, a couple of the ladies are cancer survivors, etc. It's an interesting and somewhat comforting group to be a part of, if that makes any sense. Anyway, our book for this month is called, "Sarah's Key" by Tatiana de Rosnay.

This is such a beautiful book. It is about a young Jewish girl, living in Paris during WW II and a woman living in present-day Paris. The woman living in present-day Paris is an author who is working on a story about the "roundups and deportations" of Jewish families living in Paris in 1942. I had a couple of late nights because I just couldn't put down this fabulous story.

OK, I guess it's time to go do a little Flolan mixing.

Thanks for checking in and thanks for reading.


1 comments to Beautiful day in the neighborhood...:

paula54 said...

I love listening to your whines! I can SOOOO relate, especially about not thinking you'd live long enough to worry about old lady crap! Here I am, 10 years later and getting into that old lady crap! I wonder if the cannula people changed something, because my face is breaking out where it hits my face. I thought I was too old for zits! oh well, I'd love some cheese to go with my whine thank you! Great to see you blogging my friend.