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Hello, hello, hello, hello...

Friday, November 14, 2008
Not much happening. It's Friday and I'm really pooped! I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday with my pulmonary hypertension doc. Today I had an appointment with my endocrinologist(they take care of my panhypopituitarism...pituitary gland died no idea why and my thyroid doesn't work...) and in between I've had my blood drawn several times, a chest x-ray done and I did a 6 minute walk. The 6 minute walk is a low-tech test done to check on how someone with pulmonary hypertension is doing. When you do a 6 minute walk, you're hooked up to a little pulse oximeter that tells what the oxygen levels and pulse rates are. You walk in a specific area that has been measured so that you know how many feet you are able to walk in 6 minutes. My oxygen levels stayed in the high 90's and my pulse stayed in the 95-110 range, which is also good for a ph person and I was able to walk just a bit over 1,200 feet, which is great! I did talk to both doctors about my increased level of tiredness. I just seem to wake up tired and, except for a couple of adrenaline induced moments, I continue to be tired during the day and usually need to take an afternoon nap. The overall consensus is that my body is probably still trying to completely heal from the pneumonia and over-doing it with the PH fundraiser. My PH doctor did have me increase my Flolan, which has helped with the rapid heart rate and feeling of being light-headed when walking. But, along with decreased symptoms, comes increased side-effects. So, my muscle/joint pain and jaw pain are worse along with the "lovely" chest-wall discomfort and headaches. But, that will get better with time.

Rod and I decided to stay in tonight. The weather is stinking cold, wet, windy and just really yucky! There's lots of good TV and I've recorded several shows and movies on TIVO!

Right now both of the 4-legged "boys" are sound asleep and snoring. I think it's time to toast a bagel and watch "All My Children!"

Thanks for reading.

4 comments to Hello, hello, hello, hello...:

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Great walk Cutie:))
I am sure with the Pneumonia and all you have been doing really got to you..Good idea to stay in sounds like a pizza , movie and blanket night. Take care..Tell Rod hello;)


Nancy said...

Sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time.

Next year, you need to delegate more at the fund-raiser and be more of a supervisor. Over-doing and running yourself down is not an option. Ya, hear?

barbara said...

sorry you have been under the weather also, get better soon and stay out of that cold weather, It is suppose to snow tomorrow here and it is really cold also, I think it said a.m. snow showers.


Teddybear said...

Annette great job on your 6mw, someday I will do that good. I am glad the PH fund raiser went will. Staying indoors is probably a good thing so your don't get sicker. Your on my prayer list.