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Houston, we have an answer!!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007
Hello out there!! Well, I have a little bit of time before Rod and I head off to a movie and thought I'd do a quick blog. I've been trying to find a nice clump of time to say hello and bring you all up to speed. But, things just keep changing and then I'll feel good and get so excited because I feel good or can eat something and...POOF! times up! So, instead of trying to conquere the blog world, I decided to just drop in, tell you the latest info, go to the movie and write again later. What a plan!! I almost sound like some grown up mature woman!! But, if you know me, that's just a little over the top so don't worry, it won't last.
First let me share what I just heard about my latest round of tests. I am no longer an Addison's patient!! Darn it, just when I was getting all excited, feeling like I was going to get an award for having two rare diseases! Oh well, what I do have is hypopituitarism. In fact, I don't even have a pituitay at all. I just got off the phone with the specialist (yes at 6:30 on a Friday evening!!) For whatever reason, something happened to my pituitary gland at some point in my life (after the boys were born, otherwise there would be no boys). So, instead of the endocrine glands that sit on top of my kidneys are not working because
they are damaged, they are not working because I have no pituitary gland to make those others work.
OK, that's it, I've got to go. Bottom line is the drugs will change a bit, I'll still have to get an extra alert bracelet but I'm still going to and do feel great!
Talk to you later!

8 comments to Houston, we have an answer!!!!!:

Colleen said...

You lost your pituitary gland?? I didn't know they could be losable!! I'm glad you got another, final answer, though! And it sounds like you will ok with alot more resting and adjusting to meds and everything. I still have you in my prayers, Annette! It was good to hear from you!!
Colleen :)

Sue "T" said...

Hello Annette,
I have been trying for a week to send you a note on here. But, it keeps telling me that my password was wrong. I only ever use one password and even though I can't remember "chit" hehe, I can remember that. So, I changed everything in my account, which is new, and I hope this one works.
I am sooooooooo thrilled that you are feeling better. I'm glad you don't have Addison's however that was a concrete DX.....now, how on earth did you lose your pituitary gland? I'm with Colleen, I didn't know they were losable. hehe. What is your treatment going to be for that? The prednisone had to be doing something if you are feeling better sweetie.
Oh, I have been so worried about you. I pray for you everyday and by the Grace of God, he has heard all of our prayers.
I think that is wonderful that you are up to going to a movie with your hubby. I hope you both sat and held hands, hehe.
Well, stay in touch sweetie. You are so important to us!!
Love you,
Tons of hugs too!!
Sue T

Jacqniel said...

I know you have heard the old saying - she'd lose her head if is wasn't attached? Well, your pituitary gland WAS attached! What's with that?
So glad they figured it out and that you are feeling better. Prayers for continued improvement! Jacque

Linda said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better!
aka SoccerMom2

Di said...

You so crack me up. I can tell you are feeling a bit better by your sense of humor. Of course you know how we love hearing from YOU.
Sounds like you continue to be the talk of the Med. Center. We know you have such great doctors working to make you well. I think it helps to live with one too!!!
Keep smiling. We are all praying for you daily.
Hugs, di

Krista said...

I am catching up with your blog tonight and feel badly that I didnt' know that you had gone thru all of this. Mary talked about you on Monday night but I missed a beat on it....obviously. Sorry!
Glad you are feeling better and have a solution to one problem or at least an answer or two.
We are going to OKC for the Big 12 baseball tournament this coming week. I'll take the computer and try to stay caught up. Have a good week and don't lose any more body parts

Neeta & Nityananda said...

Hey Annette, I know you are a hoot, but,did not know would need a lost and found for your body parts too:) How in the world can one lose their P-gland? I bet you were awarded the world's number one entertainer with your prednisone 'high' along with all the rest of the awards. Well! seriously, I am glad you do not have Addison's and also hope all will be well soon:) You continue to be in our prayers. Enjoy the movie. Which one is it?

The Admiral said...

Geez Laweez Annette!

I'm disorganized, but I never lost a Whole Gland!

You need to be more careful with these things. Pretty soon we're going to find you hairless and toothless, casting them all aside with your pituitary!

I always love taking large doses of steroids, because the side effects aren't all bad. My rotator cuff doesn't hurt, that dermatitis on my scalp goes away, and I wake up at 4 am, all ready to wax my car.

Boomer Sooner