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Book Review Time!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Nick called the other night to chat. Somehow we got on the topic of wondering how some people are able to persevere and reach there goals while some others will drag their feet and never even have goals, let alone reaching them! I told him that I had a perfect example of that with a book I just finished! I went on to tell him about my latest book club read and how people persevered even under horrible circumstances. I told Nick that I LOVED this book and that it was probably one of the best books I've ever read. Mr. Wise-A*% then says, "Mom, every book you read is always your favorite book!" I informed Mr. Smartypants that I do not always love every book that I read, it just so happens that I just finished this book about 30 minutes before he called and I was excited about it. So, Mr. You-Know-What says,"That's why you're so buzzed!"
THAT'S WHY I WAS SO BUZZED???? I just finished a book, not a six-pack!!

Later that night, while I was mixing my Flolan and replaying the discussion in my head, I realized that I do get kind of a "buzz" when I read, especially when I read a good book. I have always loved to read.

When I was a little girl, every day after school I would walk to the public library (10 miles... uphill...both ways...no shoes...freezing weather... ) every day after school and hang out in the children's book section until my mom would come and pick me up after she got finished at work. I would usually run in, return my book and search for a new one. Once I found my new book. I'd check it out and then have a seat somewhere in the library and read. Nine times out of ten, I'd finish that book before mom arrived. So, I would return that book, search for the next "perfect story," check that one out, find a good reading spot, sit down and read. It was not unusual for me to get 3 or 4 books checked out and read before my mom got to the library! I now realize that I could have checked out more than one book at a time, or, sit and read it, put it back on the shelf and pick another one. But, I just loved the idea of checking out a book and "owning" it, even if it was for a short time.

Once a week the "library lady" would have after school story time! I LOVED that time! Since I was already there, I usually got a great spot, right in front! When the "library lady" read, the whole library would turn into the location in the book! It was such a magical time. When I read to my own boys, and then later to my first graders, I always tried to recapture that feeling, wanting them to feel the magic in the written word.

So, speaking of "magic," my new favorite book is written so very well that I "magically" felt I was experiencing the lives of people living in Mississippi in the 1960's. It is called, "The Help."

The story follows three woman in Jackson, Mississippi during a time when wealthy white families had African-American maids/nannies. It was not unusual for one of these nannies to be more of a mother than the children's biological mother. Consequently, their treatment of their "white children" impacted many of those kids in ways they didn't realize until they were grown.

In "The Help" we meet "Skeeter," a 20-something white girl who is an aspiring writer, "Aibileen" a 50-something maid/nanny and "Minnie," a 30-something (I'm guessing here) maid/nanny who is near and dear to my heart......her mouth is always getting her in trouble!

The story gives us insight into what life was like for all of these women who lived in the deep south at a time when the civil rights movement was just beginning to grow. These three women work together to write a book showing a different side of life for these maids/nannies, who give so much of themselves to their "white families." It's so difficult to review a book, especially this book, without giving too much away. I highly recommend this book, but, be careful! Once you start, it's really hard to put it down! I finished this book in record time, but, missed some much-needed sleep!

Obviously it is receiving 8 PUPPY PAWS UP!!

Well, it's Friday night. That is usually movie night for Rod and I. But, we have two graduation parties to attend. We might try to take a movie in this weekend. We'll just have to see.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Thanks for checking in.
Thanks for reading.

5 comments to Book Review Time!!:

Bonnie, NV said...

The way you write your blog Annette YOU should really be the one writing a book. I love to read your blogs no matter what their about and especially your travels and the dogs. Have a great weekend and looking forward to your next blog.


Colleen said...

I truly have a love for reading, although I admit that I haven't done much lately. The book you talked about here sounds rather intriguing, so maybe when I finish the book I'm currently reading, I'll look for it in my library!! Have a wonderful weekend!! HUGS!

Di said...

I have such a vision of you as a child, hanging out at the library after school, totally loving each and every book you "owned" for that moment!! What a gift your mom gave you for those special times with the books and the library lady!!
I can't wait for book club this week since this too was my favorite book!!!!
I agree with Bonnie...YOU should be the one writing a book. The VOICE you have is over the top.
hugs, di

Anonymous said...

Hi Annette:
My sixth grade teacher (Mrs. Stapleford) had an area rug in the back of our classroom where we used to sit for reading time, an hour at the end of the day when she'd read a few chapters of a book to us. At first we all thought we were too old for being read to. But my favorite memory from all my elementary school years was sitting on that rug listening to A Wrinkle in Time as she read it to us chapter by chapter.

Cathy said...

I dont read anymore :( Nothing sticks in my Pharted brain!!
But Im glad u do read and that u enjoy it soo much!