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Just a quick update...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
I went to an ENT specialist. I told her that I've been having nose bleeds, sinus headaches and low grade fevers off and on for two weeks and that I feel like crap. She looked things over and said that, at the least, I have a sinus infection. She gave me antibiotics for two weeks. If things aren't then better, I need to go in for a C.T. scan because she really thinks that I have some kind of chronic sinus infection. So' keep your fingers crossed.
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4 comments to Just a quick update...:

Donna said...

I've missed your updates! I'm glad you've seen the Dr. and hope the antibiotics do the trick. Take care and stay warm!
Love, Donna

Bonnie said...

I too miss your stories and updates on your family and especially enjoys the news on your four legged childre, LOL LOL I hope you get to feeling better really soon and stay out of the snow. Take care and I hope Rod is a really good nurse!!
Take care my PHriend,
Bonnie, NV

Di said...

Me three!!! I have missed your blog and have been worried about you my friend. I hope the meds do the trick. One of these days we might even see the sun and the grass on our yards. Boy will we celebrate then!!
hugs, di

Anonymous said...

Miss ya Cutie ;))
Hope the ABTs work for ya..
Hope that the rest of the Markins are doing well.
Take care...
Hugs :))