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Cindy will be greatly missed...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
We had Cindy's memorial today. It was so very, very nice. Lot's of phriends and friends sent in special memories of Cindy and the minister put it all together to make a very special and very beautiful memorial service. I read a poem that was written by a phriend named Colleen. After our online PH community had several phriends lose their battle with pulmonary hypertension, Colleen felt compelled to write this beautiful poem to help her deal with her grief, which, in turn, helped all of us.

When A Phriend Becomes An Angel

When a PHriend becomes an angel,
We may feel shocked and very sad.
We may not understand why,
We may feel so very bad.

When a PHriend becomes an angel,
We mourn the life that should have been.
We hoped they’d see more years to come,
More time with family and friends.

When a PHriend becomes an angel,
We begin to have more fears.
When will it be my time to go?
Is it months or maybe years?

But when a Phriend becomes an angel,
We start to also realize.
There will no longer be the hardships,
No more pains and no more cries.

When a PHriend becomes an angel,
They are now in so much peace.
Breathing easier forever more,
Watching over loved ones with such ease.

My dear PHriend, now YOU'RE and angel.
Though we may physically be apart,
Your smile, your love your PHriendship
will keep you in my heart.

~Colleen Schnell February, 2007

**Colleen originally wrote the poem with the following ending. I changed it to the above ending (with her permission of course) to make it a bit more fitting for Cindy's service.

"To my Phriends who have sadly passed away,
So suddenly gone within this year.
Please know how much I love you,
How you have become so very dear."



Thanks for checking in.
Thanks for reading.

5 comments to Cindy will be greatly missed...:

paula54 said...

It was a lovely service and you did such a wonderful job reading the poem. What a brave woman you are! I hope you get rested up. This has been very hard on you. Take care my dear phriend!

Di said...

The poem you read was beautiful. I can't imagine the strength it took to read it at Cindy's service. I know how hard this has been for you Annette and continue to keep you close in prayer.
hugs, di

Wendy's Mom said...


I am so sorry to hear about your phriend Cindy. I wish I could have gotten to know her even if only through email for she sounds like a wonderful person.

PLEASE email or call me if you need a shoulder to cry on. You know I love you very much and I know this is really hard on you.

I will keep you and Cindy's family in my thoughts and prayers.

If it is okay I would like to quote a Dear and Wonderful Phriend to many! " I HATE THIS DISEASE!!!"

Sheila and Wendy

Anonymous said...

Hey cutie..I am so sorry about the loss of your dear PHriend, Cindy..it is so tough losing a great friend..and that poem is so true..Hang in there..We are all here 4 u..Please get some rest and know I am here when you need me...

Love & Hugs:))

Colleen said...

I feel so honored that you wanted to read my poem, and I really love the new ending you wrote just for Cindy. I am sure Cindy was smiling down on you, and will continue to do so. Many hugs to you, my phriend. Please let me know if you need anything.