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I feel like crap and I'm looking for sympathy!

Monday, February 23, 2009
Yes, you read that correctly! My dear, sweet husband had a bad cold all weekend. He was miserable! I've felt just fine until late this afternoon. I took a nap (which I've had to do every day since we left for California...)and woke feeling achy, cold and have a bit of an upset stomach. I had to call and say I wasn't going to my Monday night bible study. I'm hoping, praying and keeping my fingers crossed that I'm better in the morning because tomorrow is my "school day" and the weather is going to cooperate!

So, I appreciate any sympathy you'd like to send my way.

Thanks for reading.

5 comments to I feel like crap and I'm looking for sympathy!:

paula54 said...

Well, CRAP! Here's an order of sympathy for you! Enjoy!

Di said...

You have my sympathy if that will help you feel better. I hope and pray that it is nothing major and you can go see those cute 1st graders. I know how they look forward to your visits.
hugs, di

Colleen said...

You've got my sympathy, too!! I hope this is just a one-day crappy deal, and tomorrow you'll be fine and dandy!! HUGS!
Colleen :)

Anonymous said...

Oh crap..you got all my sympathy Cutie;) Hope today is much better for ya..Glad to see you posting again too..but want better news next time;) DQ maybe?LOL

Feel better..
Love& hugs,

Wendy's Mom said...

You sure have all the sympathy I can give ya! I really hope it was a fluke something and that you are much better today.